Botnet rental service

I control a couple of botnets that are quite large in size. Below is a table listing all my botnets and their prices.
Contact me at or botnetrent@sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion if you're interested in renting.

Botnet Device-Platform Size Location Attack Available Price
#1 PC-Windows 1,220,000 devices US 115 Gbp/s Yes 0.12 BTC/hour
#2 PC-Windows 750,000 devices Eastern EU 80 Gbp/s Yes 0.08 BTC/hour
#3 PC-Windows 250,000 devices Mostly EU 35 Gbp/s No 0.04 BTC/hour
#4 Mobile-Android 4.4 43,000 devices Eastern Asia 500 SMSp/s No 0.06 BTC/hour

Last update: 10-5-2016